16 Days Campaign 2009

Official Picture of Margaret MartinWOMEN’S AID has been working to address domestic violence for over 30 years.   We know that every day in Ireland women are beaten, raped and trapped in their own homes by those closest to them- their boyfriends, husbands and partners. One in five women in Ireland experience domestic violence and it can affect every woman regardless of age, marital status, class or cultural background. It could be your friend, your sister, your mother. It could be you. Without exception, a woman’s greatest risk of violence is from someone she knows.

The 16 Days Campaign provides us all with the opportunity to break the silence around violence against women. The Women’s Aid logo for the 2009 16 Days Campaign reflects the reality of ‘home’ for 1 in 5 women in Ireland. As part of our 2009 campaign, Women’s Aid will focus on the reality of the abuse many women experience behind closed doors, when the world isn’t looking. We will, through a series of campaign actions, encourage everyone to take part in the campaign and to make women’s voices heard.

We hope you can join with us. By organising events in our local communities that highlight the issue of domestic violence and promote the services available for women, we make the issue visible, we give hope to women who are suffering and we hold perpetrators of abuse to account.

 Click here for an overview of  the Women’s Aid ‘Breaking the Silence’ Campaign.

Support the 16 Days Campaign!

 Margaret Martin, Director, Women’s Aid


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