Aoibhneas Refuge urges all of us to Step Out of the Shadows

In 2007 Aoibhneas Women & Children’s Refuge initiated an emailing campaign emphasising the effects of Domestic Violence on children with “16 Days/ 16 nursery Rhymes.” In 2008 our campaign was entitled “16 Days/16 Scenarios: These are People … Not Just Statistics!”

For 2009, Aoibhneas’s campaign will focus on the recession in a positive light: maybe the recession gives us all a chance to take stock of our lives and our communities, and make changes for the better.

Aoibhneas urges us all to recognise that there is something intrinsically wrong with a society that accepts Violence Against Women and Children as a norm.  This year the emailing campaign is inviting the citizens of Ireland to “STEP OUT OF THE SHADOWS: Let your influence be seen!”

To sign up for the email campaign and let your influence be seen, contact


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