Domestic Violence Special, December issue of The Irish Tatler.

The December edition of The Irish Talter, Ireland’s leading women’s monthly magazine, has a fantasitc 5 page special on domestic violence and the 16 Days Campaign of Action.  The feature looks at the issue that affects 1 in 5 women in Ireland, they types of abuse it includes, how it affects young women, signs of an abusive relationship and the impact of the recession on women experiencing abuse. 

The article carries useful information on services available to women living with domestic violence as well as advice for friends and family women who are supporting a loved one.  

The article carries messages of support for the campaign from Mary Robinson, Claire Byrne, Sinead Desmond, Laura Whitmore and Rebecca Miller.

The piece also carries Maria*’s story of experiencing abuse at the hands of her fiancé and her journey to a life free from abuse.

“I genuinely believed I was worthless two years ago.  I always thought that abuse was just physical but the verbal abuse almost killed me.  I’m so happy I came through it.”

Pick up your copy of the Irish Tatler today, and at only €2 it is very reasonable in these recessionary times.


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