Wear a lilac ribbon to support Freedom from Pornography

As part of the 16 Days of Action, The Inchicore Outreach Centre will  highlight the issue of pornography.

Join them on Freedom From Pornography Day, December 4th by wearing a lilac ribbon in support of the campaign.  Below is some information on the FFPC.  This information will be sent out on the day as well as part of an e-mail campaign.  Spread the word and forward on this information to all your contacts.

  The Freedom From Pornography Campaign (FFPC) was set up in Dublin in 2003. At that time it consisted of a coalition of individuals and groups working on women’s human rights issues including The Inchicore Outreach Centre, the National Domestic Violence intervention Agency, The Rape Crisis Centre, Kilkenny, Women’s Aid and the National Women’s Council of Ireland. The aim of the campaign was and is to eliminate pornography and to promote a society in which all people enjoy sexuality based on respect, safety, equality and mutuality. Pornography was defined as graphic, sexually explicit material which subordinates women and recognizes pornography as part of the wider sex industry. We understand pornography in the context of politics, human rights, power and profit.

Over the following years much work was done in making presentations, raising awareness, attending seminars and conferences on pornography, doing interviews and eventually celebrating the first Freedom From Pornography Day on 4th December, 2008 as part of the 16 Days. People were asked to wear purple/mauve ribbons to honor the day. For further information please contact Kate or Anita at inch.outreach@hotmail.com or write to PO BOX 10042. A registration fee of €10 is requested.

FFP Campaign Information


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