Public Event at Mountjoy Square Park

The North Inner City Group (Hill Street Family Resource Centre, Inner City Organisation Network, Lourdes Youth & Community Services, Dublin Adult Learning Centre, SWAN Youth Project, NASCADH CDP, Dublin Multicultural Centre, Community After School Project, Saol Project) are holding a public event at the Mountjoy Square Park, Dublin 1, on Wednesday 2nd December from 12noon onwards.

They invite you to remember with them the 159 women who lost their lives violently in Ireland since 1996, by displaying a banner of flags showing the towns and cities where the women came from. In addition they have designed and crafted a wooden key 8ft high, that will be on display. The key is symbolic in two ways; firstly, for women who are experiencing violence in the home, and are aware of the danger to them and their children every time they hear the turn of the key in the door; and secondly, it symbolises how a woman regains control of her life when she finds the courage, strength, and support to leave a violent relationship.

The key was designed by Katherine Sankey and made by the trainees on the Child Care Group in LYCS.

For further information, please contact Aileen Foran at Hill Street Family Resource Centre: 01 874 6818.


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