Near 90 FM 16 Days Broadcasts

This year near 90fm joins the 16 Days Campaign with A Woman’s Voice, a Sound And Vision funded project that wants to highlight the role of women in society. All programmes can be heard on

A Woman’s Voice consists of two panel discussion, the first of which was broadcast on the 25th of November with thePanelist: Bronwen Maher (Labour Party); Nell Fitzpatricks of the Older Women’s Network and Elaine King of neartv productions. The second panel discussion will be broadcast on December 10th, with participation from Women’s Aid.

Near90fm will be broadcasting a testimonial everyday at noon for the duration of the 16 Days and will be available as podcasts on the website. Here are a few of the women participating:

25th November. Niamh Farren, Banúlacht’s chairperson.

26th November: Frances Soney-Ituen, founder of the Women’s Integrated Network (WIN), Athy.

27th November: Maeve Taylor, Banúlacht’s Policy and Training Project Leader.

28th November: Nobuhle Ncube, AkiDwA’s Development Officer.

29th November: Salome Mbugua, AkiDwA’s Director.

30th November: Bernie Dwyer, journalist with Radio Habana, Cuba.

1st December: Shanti Dairiam, former member of the UN Committee on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW).

2nd December: Nell Fitzpatricks, member of the Older Women’s Network, OWN.

3rd December: Thabi Madide, the Africa Centre.

4th December: Bronwen Maher (Labour Party).

5th December: Hazel Abdullah,member of the Older Women’s Network, OWN.

6th December: Heidi Bedell (Green Party).



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