World Aids Day in Tanzania

Margaret Martin, Director of Women’s Aid spoke at the ‘Violence Against Women: A Global Crisis: Accountability—Activism—Action’ conference last week and met with fellow speaker, Leila Sheihk from Tanzania.  Leila is a journalist activist who has specialized in media advocacy and public education programs. She designed the first crisis centre program in Tanzania to give support to women undergoing intimate partner violence. Leila also designed a outreach and training program to sensitize Tanzania’s public about violence against women including domestic violence, rape, sexual harassment and female genital mutilation. She has written extensively on Violence against Women and produced television documentaries on the issue, which has testimony from survivors.

Margaret received a very poignant message from Leila today in which she outlined her plans to remember those in her country affected by HIV/AIDs and we thought we’d share it with you.

I should like to say thank you for the wonderful conference, the workshops and for the vibrant, strong women I met.  Asante Sana.  I arrived last night and today we have the world aids day which I shall observe with my PLHIV friends. We have a quilt with names of our friends who died of AIDS and today, we shall light candles.  Tthe list is so long, and every month, someone we know dies of AIDS. Love Leila


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