Fashion Stylist and TV Presenter Sonya Lennon supports the 16 Days Campaign

“One thing I know, through the course of my life and my work is the fragility of the human spirit. Most of us want to love and be loved. But sometimes life is not that kind, and it is our sensitivity and willingness to please, the very core of our womanhood, that is targeted and exploited as a weakness.

Normality happens insidiously.  A domestic situation that you would have considered unthinkable a decade previously, can happen slowly and increasingly over the course of a decade.

Tiny chips chiseled away from your strength, jibes and knocks and putdowns leave strong and intelligent women weak and completely devoid of confidence. Somehow, sometimes, we look back at the woman we were, and cannot recognize her in the woman we have become.

So many women are left emotionally and physically bruised by weak and cowardly men and this is happening across the full span of our society, regardless of age or status.

Another thing I know is the resilience of the human spirit and the very willingness that was abused can be harnessed as the strength to pull us out of the darkest place. I am constantly amazed by the courage of women who break out of destructive patterns and relationships to find new lives for themselves. Positive affirmations and the strength and belief of others are the artillery needed to rebuild the spirit and bravely begin again.

The first step to change is to confide in someone that you trust, if you look around you and can’t see that person, let Women’s Aid help you.

Women’s Aid provide vital practical, professional and psychological support to the victims of domestic abuse.

The woman you were is in there and deserves to have her time to shine again.”


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