16 Books for 16 Days – Book 8: Domestic Violence (Poems) by Eavan Boland

Stop in to Chapters and get a copy of Domestic Violence (Poems) by Eavan Boland.

“Ireland’s greatest woman writer is in top form as she dissects the connection between interpersonal and international violence, and the passive and frightened silences that permit them to continue. The stunning title poem begs to be anthologized for the next century, weaving as it does a tight connection between an ordinary neighborhood’s refusal to acknowledge the battery of a wife and the nation’s inability to come to terms with sectarian violence: “Nothing we said / not then, not later, / fathomed what it is / is wrong in the lives of those who hate each other.” Still, Boland doesn’t deny the comfort that such deliberate ignorance provides, “We lived our lives, were happy, stayed as one.” One of her strengths is this unflinchingness, an unwillingness to move toward simple polemic while continuing to make political, social, and especially gender problems central. Ireland remains Boland’s landscape of the heart, but like the Ireland of Joyce, it becomes transformed into a mythic place of loves and intimate horrors, an Atlantis sunk in memory and dreams.” Patricia Monaghan, American Library Association.


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