Sharon O’Halloran, Director, SAFE Ireland supports the 16 Days

Sharon O’Halloran, Director o SAFE Ireland stated: “Our members, including Women’s Aid, work every day with the enormous reality of domestic violence in Ireland. In addition to helpline calls, over 6,000 women accessed face to face contact with domestic violence services in 2008.

During one day in November 2008 we know that 263 women and 216 children accessed our members’ domestic violence services throughout Ireland. 135 of these women and 176 of these children were accommodated in refuges or transitional housing because they were homeless as a result of domestic violence and they needed to access safety.

Domestic violence is a significant cause of homelessness in Ireland. Specialist domestic violence services provide women with access to safety as well as supporting women with a broad range of needs. In 2008, women accessing our members’ services have told us that as a result of accessing refuges in Ireland they and their children are safer, they have more ways to protect their children and themselves from their partner/ex partner, they have more information, confidence and a greater understanding about the causes of domestic violence and they are better able to deal with the impact of domestic violence in their lives.”

I would like to take this opportunity to highlight the critical services provided by our 40 members throughout the country and to say to women that you do not have to suffer alon; there are specialised confidential domestic violence support services in your area. Also you can call Women’s Aid (National Freephone) Helpline who have details of your nearest support service.”

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