Laura Whitmore, Presenter MTV supports the 16 Days Campaign

“I have always been an advocate of women’s equality even before I acted as Woman’s Equality officer on my student’s union in college. I’ve learned that domestic violence can happen in any age bracket or social group. ‘One in five women in Ireland experience domestic violence’ – that means whether we realise it or not someone we know has been affected by it. Scary but true.

The work and awareness raised by Women’s Aid is vital in supporting the many women who experience violence behind closed doors.  It is disgusting to think that so many women suffer at the hands of those closest to them. This campaign gives silenced women a voice and I am delighted to support it in any way I can.

On 25th November 2009, we will mark the 10th anniversary of the UN recognition of this day for the elimination of violence against women. This is a time for us not only to contemplate the progress made towards combating domestic violence but  also for us to consider the sobering reality that there still remains much work to be done.”


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