Take Action


YOU CAN SUPPORT the 16 Days today and add your voice to the campaign that demands an end to violence against women.

  1. Sign up for the ’16 Facts for 16 Days’ Email Campaign
  2. Organise or support an event within your local area
  3. Publicise your event information on the 16 Days Blog
  4. Raise the issue of violence against women with local elected representatives
  5. Take part in the Women’s Aid Breaking the Silence postcard action
  6. Contact your local media and encourage them to carry a story
  7. Hold a minute’s silence to remeber all women murdered in Ireland
  8. Use the Women’s Aid Briefing Notes to highlight various issues
  9. Check the 16 Days Blog daily for updates and pass on the details to your friends and colleagues
  10. Add the ‘Breaking the Silence’ banner to your website
  11. Forward the ’16 Facts for 16 Days’ email to all of your contacts
  12. Give out posters and leaflets to advertise local services
  13. Commemorate international dates
  14. Organise an information stand in your local shopping centre or library
  15. Organise a poetry or arts exhibition
  16. Celebrate achievements and milestones


FOR MANY YEARS, the hard work and determination of groups around the country during the 16 Days Campaign ensures that the reality of domestic and sexual violence in Ireland is raised in local communities, features in local and national press and radio and is put on to the political agendas of elected representatives.

As Specialist Support Agency on Violence against Women to Community Development Projects and Family Resource Centres, Women’s Aid recognises that collective action is pivotal to the success of the 16 Days campaign.

The types of events organised each year include art exhibitions, public vigils, information stands, launches, plays, art and story writing competitions, postcard campaigns, letter writing campaigns, political briefings with politicians, media interviews, fundraising events and film screenings.

If you are planning an event or would like to blog about your work during the 16 days please email the details to 16days@womensaid.ie and we will promote them on this blog. 


What role do we play?
Women’s Aid is a Specialist Support Agency to Community Development Projects and Family Resource Centres on the issue of Violence Against Women.

What does that mean?
We support projects to address the issue of Violence against Women in their communities.

How do we do that?
By providing training and an information service, free of charge, to support projects as they implement the Code of Practice on Domestic Violence.

How can we be contacted?
Contact Rebecca Delohery on 01-8684721 or by email to
: Rebecca.Delohery@womensaid.ie.


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