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COPE Galway Waterside House Poster Campaign

On Friday 27th November, COPE Galway, Waterside House launched its poster campaign. The campaign was launched by the Connaught Rugby squad with the tagline “REAL MEN SAY THERE ARE NO EXCUSES FOR VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN”. The reference to “REAL MEN” is to draw attenstion to the fact that in general sportsmen provide very positive role models for many men and as such thay are ideally placed to deliver powerful messages about men’s behaviour.

Further information is available at 091-565985 or watersidehouse@copegalway.ie


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Day 3 of the 16 Days Campaign

Today is the third day of the 16 Days Campaign and there are a number of interesting events taking place around the country;

  • Tearmann Domestic Violence Service awareness raising initiative
  • YANA (You are not alone), Johnny Cash tribute night in Mallow
  • Wellness workshop in Kildare
  • Vista Community Development Project, Dublin 8 Commemoration Servivce
  • Pamper Day in Donegal
  • Galway Rape Crisis Centre Conference

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Author Ruth Gilligan supports the 16 Days Campaign

As part of the research for my latest novel,” Can You See Me?”, I worked with the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre who opened my eyes to the terrifying realities surrounding sexual violence against women in Ireland.  The statistics speak for themselves, but these are not just numbers – every individual case concerns one innocent woman and the tragic tale of how her world was torn apart. My book deals with a nineteen year-old girl and a drunken night out which ends in her being raped by a ‘friend’. And indeed, as we see here, the overwhelming majority of rapes are carried out by someone the victim knows – these aren’t strangers lurking in alleyways, these are familiar faces; faces which will haunt them forever.

But beyond illuminating these dark truths, the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre shed much light on the journeys these women go through – physical, emotional, legal, spiritual – their worlds are altered, but hope is never lost. The strength of the victims themselves, together with the support offered by friends, family, and organizations such as the DRCC took my breath away, and encouraged me to make my novel ultimately, one of hope – a tale of struggle, which yet proves that lives can be rebuilt, and happiness regained.

I believe this is not a fiction – the hope really exists – strength really will prevail.


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Wellness Workshops

There will be a series of ‘wellness workshops’ at different Centres (The Curragh Pride FRC, Newbridge FRC and Allenwood CDP). These will look at stress relief, relaxation and positive visualisation for women. These sessions also provide an opportunity to raise awareness, provide information and offer support.

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Vista Community Development Project, Dublin 8

The Vista Community Development Project in Donore Avenue, Dublin 8 have planned a commemoration for women murdered in Ireland since 1996 as part of their 16 Days of Action Campaign.

On Friday 27th November they will gather in Donore Youth and Community Centre, Dublin for an awareness raising morning and a candle lighting service.  The agende for the event is as follows:

“The Evolution of Empathy Towards Women Living with Domestic  Violence”


10am –  10.20 Candle Lighting Service

10.20am  – D12 Domestic Violence Service

10.45am  –   Lorraine O’Connor (A Personal    Journey through Domestic Violence)

11.00am  – Group Discussion on Evolution of Empathy for Women Living with Domestic Violence 

For more information on the event contact Alicia Gayson on 01 4543074 or email vidstacdp@eircom.net.

Vista CDP Brochure

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Pamper Day in Donegal

The Donegal Sexual Abuse and Rape Crisis Centre are holding a Coffee Morning and Pamper Day in their centre on Friday 27th November 2009 from 11 am.

All are welcome to come and enjoy a bit of much deserved pampering. Please book your appointment in advance on 074-9128211.

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Galway Rape Crisis Centre: The Next 25 Years

GRCC ConferenceThe Galway Rape Crisis Centre (GRCC) is taking part in the 16 Days Campaign. 

The organisation has planned a conference called, “The Next 25 Years: Soceital Responses to Rape and Sexual Abuse” to mark its 25th Anniversary.  The conference will take place on Friday 27th November and is open to all.  If you are interested in attending you can download the flyer here.

The GRCC have also planned an online campaign which will promote the 16 Days and will focus on sexual violence.  Each day of the campaign they will publish a specific issue on sexual violence and post it to their website, facebook page and twitter account.

For more information on the GRCC 16 Days Campaign contact Louise Murphy on 091-583149 or email louisegrcc@gmail.com.

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