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Fashion Stylist and TV Presenter Sonya Lennon supports the 16 Days Campaign

“One thing I know, through the course of my life and my work is the fragility of the human spirit. Most of us want to love and be loved. But sometimes life is not that kind, and it is our sensitivity and willingness to please, the very core of our womanhood, that is targeted and exploited as a weakness.

Normality happens insidiously.  A domestic situation that you would have considered unthinkable a decade previously, can happen slowly and increasingly over the course of a decade.

Tiny chips chiseled away from your strength, jibes and knocks and putdowns leave strong and intelligent women weak and completely devoid of confidence. Somehow, sometimes, we look back at the woman we were, and cannot recognize her in the woman we have become.

So many women are left emotionally and physically bruised by weak and cowardly men and this is happening across the full span of our society, regardless of age or status.

Another thing I know is the resilience of the human spirit and the very willingness that was abused can be harnessed as the strength to pull us out of the darkest place. I am constantly amazed by the courage of women who break out of destructive patterns and relationships to find new lives for themselves. Positive affirmations and the strength and belief of others are the artillery needed to rebuild the spirit and bravely begin again.

The first step to change is to confide in someone that you trust, if you look around you and can’t see that person, let Women’s Aid help you.

Women’s Aid provide vital practical, professional and psychological support to the victims of domestic abuse.

The woman you were is in there and deserves to have her time to shine again.”


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Day 8 of the Campaign

Today is Day 8 of the Campaign and here are some of the events taking place:

Women’s Aid Events:

  • 16 Facts for 16 Days email campaign (email 16days@womensaid.ie or phone 01-8684721 to sign up)
  • 16 Books for 16 Days in Chapters
  • Women’s Aid Public Awareness Campaign
  • Media Briefing Notes


  • In Ireland:
  • Commomoration at Mountjoy Square Dublin for 159 women murdered violently
  • Coffee morning in Louth County Museum   
  • Violence Against Women 365 International Poster Exhibition continues in Wexford
  • Displays at various venues around Mayo
  • Human Rights in Ireland continue their 16 Days Campaign daily Blog
  • “In Her Shoes” exhibition in Longford, and also in the Mid-West
  • Information Stands are placed around Sligo and Leitrim
  • Aoibhneas Refuge is urging us all to “Step Out of the Shadows”
  • Clare Women’s Network is running a powerful daily poster campaign
  • Galway Rape Crisis Network is running a daily fact campaign
  • Donegal has a poetry and art display


  • Internationally:
  • Kenya North Rift Women Voices training events in Kenya
  • FemLINKpacific Community Radio Broadcasts in Figi Islands

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Public Event at Mountjoy Square Park

The North Inner City Group (Hill Street Family Resource Centre, Inner City Organisation Network, Lourdes Youth & Community Services, Dublin Adult Learning Centre, SWAN Youth Project, NASCADH CDP, Dublin Multicultural Centre, Community After School Project, Saol Project) are holding a public event at the Mountjoy Square Park, Dublin 1, on Wednesday 2nd December from 12noon onwards.

They invite you to remember with them the 159 women who lost their lives violently in Ireland since 1996, by displaying a banner of flags showing the towns and cities where the women came from. In addition they have designed and crafted a wooden key 8ft high, that will be on display. The key is symbolic in two ways; firstly, for women who are experiencing violence in the home, and are aware of the danger to them and their children every time they hear the turn of the key in the door; and secondly, it symbolises how a woman regains control of her life when she finds the courage, strength, and support to leave a violent relationship.

The key was designed by Katherine Sankey and made by the trainees on the Child Care Group in LYCS.

For further information, please contact Aileen Foran at Hill Street Family Resource Centre: 01 874 6818.

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Guest blog post by Sandra at Dundalk Women’s Aid

Publication1This year we decided our theme would be to turn society’s focus from the woman and what she is going to doing about her situation and shine the spotlight on society and ask “what are YOU doing about it?”.

We are running a Teaser campaign from the start of November, we’ve placed a number of posters around town with statements such as:

“What are YOU doing about it?”

 “Be part of the solution, not the problem”

“It hurts everyone”.

We hope this will spark people’s interest and generate conversation. Then on November 23rd we will launch our 16 Days of Action in County Museum and it will also be our reveal, we will then replace the posters with the reveal and they will remain for the 16 days.

“Domestic violence, What are YOU doing about it”?


Education and Awareness

We have also put together a work shop on healthy relationships and it will be running in local secondary schools during the 16 days. We hope to deliver it to at least 200 students.

Awareness raising talks will be held in the community office with heads of departments and supervisors in attendance, with the hope that they carry the information back to their organisations.

 An information stall will be set up in DKIT on 24th November and staff will be handing out our helpline number and white ribbons and we’ll host a coffee mooring will be held in the County Museum on 2nd December, local community groups are invited along.

Annual Day of Action

On our annual day of action on 25th November, we will be erecting a marquee at the town centre and we will be showing domestic violence adverts from around the world, inviting passer bys to stop and watch while handing out our helpline numbers on bookmarks and stickers.

White Ribbon Campaign

Also we are continuing our White Ribbon Campaign; we are doing a big push on this campaign this year and hope to get as many men involved as possible. We have targeted men involved in sport, the media and politicians and are looking forward to seeing the response we receive. We intend to make this a part of our annual events as we feel getting men involved in the 16 days of action will help in making it a community response when it comes to condoning violence against women

I hope everyone is enjoying this year’s campaign and good luck to all involved.  If you would like to support the 16 Days Campaign in Dundalk contact me at sandra@womensaiddlk.net

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