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16 Books for 16 Days – Book 6

Day 6:  A Thousan Splendid Suns by Khaled Hossaeini (2007)

A Thousand Splendid Suns has received starred reviews from Publishers Weekly, Kirkus Reviews, Library Journal, and Booklist. All the praise is well-deserved. The story is straightforward, the writing beautiful in its simplicity and use of well-chosen metaphors. It draws the reader into the lives of its characters.

The history of Afghanistan is marked by death and loss and unimaginable grief. And, yet, Laila sees that people find a way to survive, to go on. Ultimately, this is more than a story of survival in the face of what seem to be insurmountable odds. It is a story of the unconquerable spirit of a people and individuals seen through the eyes of two indomitable women. A Thousand Splendid Suns is a must read for those who wish to understand the modern history (1964 – 2003) of Afghanistan, which is told eloquently through the eyes of Laila and Mariam.


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Fergus Finlay, Director of Barnardos supports the 16 Days Campaign

“In Barnardos we work with children and families who have had to cope with domestic abuse, and we know the terrible scars it can leave, scars that can last long after the bruises and the broken bones have healed. We try above all to help children understand that domestic abuse is not something they have caused, that it’s not their fault.

It’s not their responsibility to make it stop. That responsibility belongs to all of us, and one way we can all help is by talking more openly about it. People who abuse their partners always want to do so in secrecy. The more we talk about it, the harder it is for abusers to hide behind closed doors.”


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Day 6 of the 16 Days of Action Campaign

Today is Day 6 of the Campaign and as usual there are some interesting events taking place around the country;

  • Traveller Focus week begins today with the theme of “Traveller Pride.”  More information is available here
  • The Women’s Aid 16 Books for 16 Days Campaign in conjunction with Chapters Books, Dublin 2
  • The Women’s Aid 16 Facts for 16 Days Email Awareness Campaign
  • The Aoibhneas Email Awareness Campaign
  • Ballina Family Resource Centre commemoration of women murdered in Ireland and lillies display
  • Human Rights in Ireland blog focus on 16 Days Campaign
  • “In Her Shoes” exhibition in Longford
  • “16 Rights for 16 Days” awareness raising exhibition in Sligo
  • Mayo Women’s Support Services Lillies campaign
  • Art & Poetry exhibition in Donegal
  • Dundalk Women’s Aid White Ribbon Campaign

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Guest Blog Post by Caroline at Pavee Point

Pavee Point VAW programme has joined in theWomens’ Aid 16 days of Action Opposing Violence against Women. We will start our campaign tomorrow by celebrating all women with a pampering session for staff, the women from the Primary Health Care group, the Roma programme and invited guests.

The session will also be used as an opportunity to raise awareness on issues of gender based violence. We will also be remembering the 159 women who have been murdered since 1996 in the Republic of Ireland by holding a minute’s silence and we will hold representational red bows marking the life of each woman who has died.

The VAW programme also plans to engage in as many events as possible during the 16 days campaign and we will log our involvement during the campaign on the blog. We will attend the first Rape and Justice in Ireland Conference organised by the RCNI on December 7th as well as many events happening during Traveller Focus Week which commences on 30th November (www.tfw.ie). We look forward to reporting in our journey through the 16 days and hope that our involvement will help us raise awareness within the Traveller community of the help that is available to Traveller women living in violent relationships.

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